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A passionate, easy-going, caffeine-loving, pacific northwest photographer

Miranda nenkov

Photo by Iamphotographyusa

Photo by Mayfield Photo and Film

Photo by Adrien Craven

I am a social media specialist by day and a moonlighter for a few businesses by night. I have a wonderful, crafty husband, a baby girl, another on the way and two super cute dogs. 

I took up photography while in high school and really enjoyed being behind the lens and learning a new creative outlet. My first project was sister's graduation photos 5 years ago and realized how much I love capturing milestones in peoples' lives. I continued to take senior portraits while attending college at CWU, pursuing degrees in Business Marketing and Public Relations.

After graduating, I decided to take my skills from school and pursue photography as a side business. And let me tell you, I LOVE being a business owner. The ups and downs, the challenges and successes...they all make it worth my while.

I love meeting new people, adventure, authenticity, organization (thanks Marie Kondo), and making people laugh.

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Photo by Mayfield Photo and Film